New Democratic Front Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa says that when he is elected as President, he would appoint a first time Prime Minister who could secure a majority in Parliament.

In an address to the nation this afternoon, the NDF Candidate said his objective is to create a law-abiding and spiritual change in the country, and that he would begin with the Presidency.

Sajith Premadasa stressed he would achieve these goals with a Cabinet of Ministers and officials who are young, honest, law-abiding and spiritual. Further, he said he would not allow MPs and Ministers to engage in businesses using political muscle.

He also pledged to end the corrupt process of MPs and Ministers appointing relatives to State Institutions adding that the would ensure that strategic state institutions do not fall into the hands of political associates.

In addition, Sajith Premadasa said he would show no mercy or compassion to the corrupt, drug traffickers and fanatic religious extremists. The NDF candidate added, rapists, deal-makers, terrorists, extremists, underworld gangsters, and their supporters will not be given any form of political protection.

Sajith Premadasa went on to note, he would bring an end to the VIP political culture of providing vehicle permits and security details to MPs.

Sajith Premadasa said he would take firm steps to introduce a fresh, young, untainted and skilled political culture to do away with the hidden corrupt political culture. Further, he said, any person who has allegations of fraud and corruption would never be included in his Cabinet.

Sajith Premadasa added a free and fair election will be called for as soon as possible and a stable government would be established while professionals and women will be given due consideration to be included in the National List.


  • by Umesh Kumar
    Posted November 12, 2019 8:34 pm

    Dear Sir,

    I’m a Srilankan living abroad (Qatar) I would like to mention that for the first time in my life, following srilankan polical news, especially your speaches. I’m pretty impressed that we are getting a great leader who is knowledgeable and educated with a broader vision that is essential to our nation at this stage. Waiting to see you at the kings chair… Wish you all the good luck.

    God Bless you…

    Best regards
    Umesh Kumar

  • by Neel
    Posted November 18, 2019 4:32 pm

    Sajith methi thumani ranil wikramasinha nayakathwayen ain nowi wipaksha nayakakamath thiyagena pakshaya thawath wala pallata regena yanne nam oba unp eke kelin wedakarana awanka tharuna mantriwaru samaga aluth pakshayak hadanna.obata jaya nisekai.
    Mewara parajayata muluye ranil wikrama sinha.mangala samaraweera.rajitha senarathna.ravi karunanayaka nisa bawa mage mathayai .apita hamuwana hema kenagena mathaya eyai.
    Unp apatad ranilwa epa we atha.pakshaya wala pallata yamata hethu karunu athara pin keta seel thebeema hamuduruwarunta apahasa kirim siragatha kirim pradana lesa atulathya .obata jaya wewa.

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