New Democratic Front presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa today said his opponents had finally accepted that Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka was the real victor when it comes to the war.

Speaking at an election rally in Dodangaslanda today, Mr. Premadasa said his opponents finally had to accept that they have lied to the people on the war victory.

“The whole country found out the false claim made by my opponent on the war victory.

“Both my opponent and his leader had to accept that the Field Marshal was the real victor. It was clear that falsehood does not last long. Nature does not allow falsehood to dominate. The truth will prevail at this year’s presidential election,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a rally in Wariyapola, Mr. Premadasa said the truth will win the day. He recalled that his father also said the same thing during his final public rally.

“After ten years those who boasted had to make a confession that he was not the real victor. He was not able to answer the questions raised by the journalists.

“I will also hold a press conference. I will participate in it alone. I don’t want anyone else to support me at the conference. I will show how I will face questions of journalists.

“My opponents claim they are patriotic. My opponents betrayed the forces. When a foreign journalist asked about the military operations he got frightened and said the army commander did everything. What a covered act. We will not betray the forces. However, Sajith Premadasa will face the international community on behalf of forces. This country needs iron leadership. I will provide such leadership to this country.

Yohan Perera from Daily Mirror

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