COLOMBO (News 1st) – Presidential Candidate of the New Democratic Front Sajith Premadasa continued on his campaign trail today (October 17).

Sajith Premadasa began his campaign for the day in the Anuradhapura District and the final rally of the day was held at the Mihindupura grounds.

Another rally in support of Sajith Premadasa was held in Kekirawa as well.

Sajith Premadasa stated during the rally that he would achieve a resonating victory across the country. He added as soon as he is appointed as the president of the country he would look into the human-elephant conflict and erect electric fences across the region to stop elephants from invading human habitats.

He added that in addition, he would provide a compensation package for those whose crops are destroyed.

He went on to note that his opponent who held a rally in Anuradhapura had asked his brother and promised to provide fertilizer for free. He added that his opponent always consults his brother before questions and further added that the similar behaviour was displayed when he was asked about the extremism and reconciliation as well.

Sajith Premadasa noted that his opponent forgot to mention the fruit and vegetable farmers when he promised to provide fertilizer for free.

He went on to note that according to Sajith Premadasa’s agricultural agenda he would provide fertilizer for every sort of farmer and would impose a market price of Rs 50 for their harvest.

He assured that these were not mere promises and he is his father’s son who opened apparel factories across the island, initiated the Janasaviya programe, gave uniforms and provided lunch, all of those while holding a torch that burns from both ends in his hand.

Before addressing the rally in Anuradhapura this morning Sajith Premadasa paid homage to the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya this morning and obtained blessings from the Atamasthanadhipathi Ven. Pallegama Siriniwasa Thero. Sajith Premadasa then paid homage to the Ruwan Weli Maha Saya.

Sajith Premadasa also obtained blessings from the Maha Sangha when he visited the Sri Saaraananda Maha Pirivena in Anuradhapura. Thero advised the presidential candidate to be mindful of the journey his father took and enemies he made by doing so. Thero further instructed to be mindful of the people he works with.

Sajith Premadasa also met with Ven. Sri Sumangala Thero the Viharadhipathi of the Isurumuniya Rajamaha Viharastanaya.

After receiving blessings from the Viharadhipathi of the Mihinthalaya Rajamaha Viharaya, he paid homage to the sacred site.

Ven. Walawahangunawewa Dhammarathana Thero, Vharadhipathi of  Mihinthalaya Rajamaha Viharaya reflected on Mihindu Thero’s arrival to Sri Lanka and his advice to King Tissa regarding taking care of the island.

He added that as King Tissa was assigned to protect everything, Sajith Premadasa has to do the same following the public mandate this November.

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